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Great service, great glasses !


In our modern, in-store lab we can make your glasses in just one hour in most cases.
If you need bifocal, tri-focal or progressive lenses, which are always custom made to your Rx, it will take 4-5 days to get your glasses.
All specialty lenses, like transitions, polarized, coated, tinted or high index lenses are also custom made.

Many of our customers are wearing both Rx glasses and contact lenses. In the case of ordering contact lenses, after bringing  in or faxing over your Rx, usually you can pick up your lenses the next day. When you have your Rx on file, just call in to fill your Rx.

When you purchase your glasses in our store we provide all  small repairs on the frame / like nose pads, screw repairs / no charge until your frame lasts.

We also provide you a case and a cleaning cloth with every new pair of frame you buy .

Our detailed receipts are respected by all insurance providers and they reimburse you quickly after sending in your claim.
We can also assist you to fill out your form.

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