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We carry a wide selection of frames, suitable to any life style and budget.
A few brands from international designers :
Polo Ralph Lauren, Persol, Ray-Ban, Vogue, Burberry, Guess, Harley-Davidson, Catherine Deneuve, Kala, Gant, Italia Mia, Juicy Couture, Adrienne Vittadini, Helium, Nine West, Pro-design, Calvin Klein etc.
We also carry a very large selection of generic frames that are nice and stylish, but cost considerably less than the designer frames.

  Many product lines from Safilo, USA can be ordered at our store.


  You can find more product lines on Luxottica website.
We have a great selection of sun glass lines:
Smith Optics, Suncloud, Juicy Couture, Zeal, Ray-Ban, Panoptx, Polo Ralph Lauren etc.

Our best seller sunglasses are shown on the MauiJim  website, www.mauijim.com and are available at our store in a wide selection of sporty and stylish fashion designs.


Take a look at our best seller Italia Mia and Royal Doulton frames at the manufacturer's website: Lawrence Eyewear.
If you can not find the frame you are looking for in our frame inventory we can order it for you from the above product lines and get it in a few days.
We can also special order the very unique, handmade, hand painted Italian Taxi, Casanova, and Dolce Vita lines created by Studio3 Occhiali, Italy.





Some of you along with myself included are old enough to remember back when we didn't have choices; there was a time when Glass lenses were the only thing you could get.Then the manufacturers came out with plastic lenses which everyone was excited about because they were much lighter weight, but people discovered soon that these new plastic lenses did scratch easier.


The Glass lenses are a little tougher, but they are heavy, too.

The mindset nowadays is that people want their glasses to be as light weight and non intrusive as possible, and this is why the industry is more focused on the manufacturing of the polycarbonate lenses now.

In conclusion:

Glass lenses weigh more, and if you drop your glasses they may shatter. But, Glass lenses give you the best optics, in other words you get better visual acuity through a Glass lens, and they do not scratch as easily as plastic or polycarbonate.

Plastic lenses are lighter weight, and much more shatterproof, but will scratch easier if you do not clean them properly, and you will lose a little visual acuity. But this is still the most popular choice for lenses because most people do not want to put up with the extra weight of a Glass lens.  Plastic lenses with a scratch resistant coating and proper cleaning  will last for a long  time.

Polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter and are shatterproof, most opticians you go to will also call them impact resistant which is the same thing.  You can take a hammer and smack a polycarbonate lens with it and it will not break, so they are the safest lens when it comes to impact resistance, but once you smack it with that hammer you will not be able to see through it because it will be scratched up and dented.  Polycarbonate lenses are very soft and pliable  and that's why they are  impact resistant, but they also scratch the easiest, so it is a must that you use proper cleaning methods with a polycarbonate lens.  These lenses may have some inherent distortion that sometimes people  cannot tolerate.  Some people complain about chromatic aberrations as well. So although they are the safest you may sacrifice some visual acuity with a polycarbonate lens.

High index plastic lenses are a very good choice if you want to avoid lens thickness and have lighter weight of glasses.  
To have all the protection you can have, we always recommend having an excellent quality anti glare, UV and anti scratch coating also.
Most of the available lens types, single vision, bifocals, trifocals and progressives are made in a variety of lens materials.
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